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Terms and Agreements

By viewing this page or by making a donation you agree to the following:

1.) You are aware that L2 Server does not sell goods or services related to the video game Lineage II.
2.) If for any reason your account is disabled you are not entitled to a reimburstment.
3.) All objects offered on this page are not being sold but are rewards/gifts for supporting the server financially.
4.) Currency donated to L2 Server is not a means of purchasing services, time, or goods.
5.) All donations are final and non-refundable.
6.) Donation is only valid for the duration of operation provided by L2 Server, in which time if services are to cease you are in no way eligible for a refund.
7.) The contribution is made from your own funds for a non-refundable virtual item.
8.) You are not a Federal Government Contractor or Foreign National or NCSoft Affiliate or NCSoft Employee.
9.) All funds are from your own account and not from those of another.
10.) We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time without prior notice.